Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our New Baby Boy's Story

So September 10th we had a little boy by emergency cesarean . Born at 12:58 pm, 7 lbs 3 oz, 20 inches long. We named him Motegah Tatton Jensen.
I was induced because I have such quick labors and live an hour from the hospital. They induced me with Pitocin. It normally takes a while for it to kick in so Lonnon and I decided to go to sleep. He went out in nothing flat, I however, had contractions that were hard within 5 minutes. The nurse said she wanted to "start off strong so it will go quicker".
I was dilated to a 2 when I got to the hospital and the nurse wanted to break my water saying it would make me go faster. Lonnon wouldn't wake up no matter how loud I yelled across the room for him. No biggy, she just wanted to break my water. So she tried, but the baby jumped, moved out of canal and she couldn't break my water. An hour later she finally broke my water, even though I told her the baby was not back in the canal & ask if baby was in the right position. She claimed the baby would get in the right position even after my water was broken. (I have never had my babies move much after my water was broken, but she is a nurse, right?)
I finally hit a 3, breathing & focusing through contractions that are 30 seconds apart and killing because she has pitocin so high. Which she upped every 15 minutes. Now that I am a 3 I can finally get the epidural. The anesthesiologist was right across the hall thank goodness. After lots of hollering and me almost throwing something across the room Lonnon woke up. I got the epidural, he was in the room and out within 15 minutes.
Smart nurse asked if I was numb yet so she could put in a catheter. I told her no 3 different times, and then she acted suprised when I yelled "It hurts!!" "Oh you're not numb yet? I'll go tell the anesthesiologeist then." I looked at Lonnon and asked, "Did I or did I not say I was not numb?" "Oh, you said it all right. She's just stupid and doesn't seem to listen to you on anything." He came back and up my dose. It finally kicked in. Thank heavens!
It had been 4 hours with pitocin and I was still only a 4. It didn't make sense to me because normally I would be close to a 7 by now. The nurse said the baby didn't feel right and got the ultrasound machine. He was transverse (sideways with his back to the canal) same position he was in when this smart nurse broke my water. She said she needed to go ask the Dr what a she wanted her to do and left the room. I looked at Lonnon and said, "I bet I have to have a C-section. I don't want one but I bet I have to have one." He said he blamed it on our nurse being an idiot.
The nurse came back and said the Dr said C-section was the only option. We tried to ask if the baby could be turned but it was totally a one sided conversation. I told her I would probably cry because I was scared just as a warning. I started to cry as she preped me. She looked at me and said, "Don't cry, this happens all the time. The Dr's know what they are doing." That made me cry harder because it sounded like she really screwed up a lot. I started texting everyone to update them. Lonnon tried to get dressed in between the hugs he was giving me to comfort me. The anesthesiologist came back in to me crying hysterically. He gave me what ever he was suppose to and I calmed down , basically fell asleep.
They wheeled me out of the room I could see the EXIT signs and hear voices but couldn't keep my eyes open.
In the operating room, without yucky details, I shook all over because I was cold, they gave me warm blankets. Lots of voices saying he was stuck, I can't get him out, Let me try this, he's still stuck. The cord is around his neck two times, there we go. He is out. Heard a baby cry. Lots of other odd end details, and basically next thing I knew I was back in a room waking up freezing.

Dr said even if I dilated all the way and was pushing they would have had to do a C-section because of how tight the cord was and the baby would never have been able to get out. So it was good things went the way they did and things were caught when they were.
I guess even though my nurse was a total airhead it all worked out for the best.
It took them 3 minutes to get him out because he was stuck so bad. But he is healthy and I am doing good. The Dr said I would be more sore than I normally after a C-section because of how hard they "beat me up to get the baby out".
I am now learning that it sucks to have a C-section, 6 kids to take care of, and a husband in and out of town for work he can't get out of the first week of recovery. It's almost impossible to get better and not do the things I am not suppose to do. Thank goodness for all the help from people from church. Lonnon helps as much as he can when he does come home though. He has been a great help when he is here.
I am still having emotional ups and downs because of the surprise labor issues but I am feeling better and better everyday.
Lonnon wanted a Native American name. At the beginning of summer he finally picked out Motegah, it's Osage, meaning new arrow. I didn't like it and neither did anyone else. So we all looked, while he disapproved of everything we found. The baby was "The Baby"until he was 6 1/2 days old. When we decided I named 3 girls, we agreed on 1 girl, he gets to name the boys and he doesn't care if anyone likes it. They will get use to it just like they got use to our son Zzyzx. So Motegah Tatton Jensen it is. I call him Teeg.


Ash said...

So you are going to have to help me out in the pronunciation. Spell it like your 6 so I can figure it out. xoxo-ash

Venesha said...

lol! I love you Ash! It is pronounced MOW-Tay-Gah It is of Native American origin. The name's meaning is 'new arrow'. Lonnon picked it cuz I couldn't come up with anything I liked that we could agree on. After being baby boy for 7 days I had to fill out insurance papers. So he won.